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Oh My Dog ! The Perfume
Premium and selective perfume for your dog

Oh my dog ! is the first high quality unisex perfume, specially adapted to all breeds of dogs. Each ingredient has been meticulously chosen, in order to avoid smells that could disturb the sense of smell of your favourite animal and also to help you to make sure that both you and your four legs friend will live in peace together.

Oh my dog ! has been elaborated and tested with an abolute scientific strictness as if it was a child perfume. Dogs have a more sensitive skin and sense of smell than the human beings.­ A laboratory, specialized in beauty care, associated to one of the two best veterinary schools in Europe, have realized innocuousness and toxicity tests on both dogs and masters.
The perfume Oh my dog ! presented in its spray bottle, will make your life easier and will entertain the complicity with the dog.

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